I recently came across these stunning images over at Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles of Suzanne Kasler's glamorous bedroom.  The unabashedly feminine and fashionable style of this room, right down to the framed fashion show invites, brought to mind an ongoing conversation that I've been having with some of my friends about how our own bedrooms are becoming the new fitting rooms. Essentially, in our over scheduled lives, it's hard to deny the convenience of online shopping, especially for clothes.  The consensus within our group was that the majority of us prefer to shop on the internet for fashion. In fact, the only friends that were not really on board with this concept yet, were the ones that live in New York City...given their proximity to so many amazing stores, it's easy to see why.

But for someone like me, who lives in a very rural town (albeit an hour north of Manhattan, but trust me it's crazy small) sites like Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, Shopbop and Saks.com have been literal life savers.  Maybe I'm a bit biased towards the online world (as a blogger and a small e-shop owner) but it's gotten to the point that I prefer to try on clothes in my own home, with my own accessories at hand. Especially if I'm shopping for a big event or in my immediate case, an upcoming holiday party.  I know that I can order up a selection of outfits (like this chic LBD and this jumpsuit, both en route to me right now) in minutes (as opposed to hours) they'll be delivered in days and if they don't fit, that free shipping return label insures it goes right back. 

What do you think, are our own bedrooms the new fitting rooms? Even if you have no opinion on this pressing matter, the rest of Suzanne's stunning bedroom is worth checking out~


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