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The men in my life are not too hard to shop for, with my seven year old son being the easiest of them all...a few Lego kits, some Star Wars related items, I can even sneak in some cute clothes, as long as he's tearing open gifts, he's a happy little guy.  My Dad and my brother don't trip me up too much either, I know that food related gifts are always a hit (with me too).  Plus, I tend to shop a lot of "couples" gifts these days, so my Dad gets grouped with my Mom and my brother with my sister-in-law. (things like cheese boards, warm, cozy throws, coffee table books...do you do this too?) This leaves the hardest on the list, Mr. Zhush.  Not into jewelry or cologne, fancy clothes or gadgets...here's where my list stands...

1. This cashmere knit hat is simple and soft and reversible too...like two hats in one!

2. Time to get rid of that ridiculous George Castanza wallet and trade up to this sleek concept.

3. I might want to borrow this scarf...

4. Even if we never take one of these trips, this book will still look cute on the coffee table.

5. The grilling skills are all good over here, but the rusty utensils are in need of an upgrade.

6. This vest is stylish and practical and very budget friendly.

7. With a closet full of crew and v necks, its time to switch things up a bit with a shawl sweater.

8. Ray-ban Caravans are classic cool, (plus, see reason #3)

9. Speaking of classic cool...a book on the music of the Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

10. A pair of double old fashioneds, cause at this point, we kinda are.

11. A fun watch that's hip without screaming hipster.

12.  Grown up key chain.

13. These needle point belts come in a variety of styles and hobbies, the bone fishing one is perfect!

For more ideas, please be sure to check out the whole gifts for guys section over at zhush.com.


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