The design world is a small one, at least here in my neck of the woods. The other week, I went to visit the stylish ladies at Oomph (a personal local fave) turns out their offices are right across the hall from a very talented builder I know,  Richard Rosanno. Rich was telling me about a recent renovation he had done (an award winning project, I might add) along with Louise of the aforementioned Oomph ladies and my favorite architect, local or otherwise.  After hearing about this home, I asked to see some photos...turns out they were taken by the very same talented lady that did my shop's look book...Jane Beiles!  So here it is, the fabulous home addition that I had to see (so I could share it here today), built by RR Builders, designed by Louise Brooks and photographed by Jane Beiles Photography!
PS: It's just been brought to my attention that this world is yet even smaller...the interiors here were designed by Melissa Lindsay of Pimlico Interiors (love her work so much, wrote about her here!) and the gorgeous art in the last image is by another local favorite, Kerri Rosenthal!


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