Why we love Elembee and Lisa's blog: The Elembee blog is the go-to site for any blog related inquiries. Lisa has amazing knowledge of how to create a successful (and pretty!) blog and I love all her clever insider tips.

Lisa’s three favorite gift items for a friend who loves happy colors and patterns:
1. chevron round covered boxes
2. ink pens
3. retro mod photo frames

What is Lisa’s fondest holiday memory?
“Last Christmas was my first white Christmas — yes, I realize how strange that sounds to pick that as my fondest holiday memory. But you're talking to a girl who really loves winter, but happened to be born and raised in Texas, then spent 8 years in Louisiana. Anyway, that year was my first winter in Oklahoma, and I was excited to finally live in a place where snow was a fairly regular occurrence. I waited and waited until that snow icon finally showed up in the weather forecast — which happened to be Christmas Day, when I would be visiting family in Texas with no chance of snow. So it was particularly special when the rain we woke up to on Christmas morning in Texas turned into snow later that evening — big, fluffy flakes that actually blanketed the area and stuck around for a couple days. It was a totally unexpected, magical way to end my favorite holiday.”


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