The best test for a great gift, obviously is if I'd want the gift for myself. So several items on my own wish list, are the very same items I'll be purchasing this year as gifts. Like, this new design book with this amazing cover ~ Scalamandre:Haute Decor, that to me is a no brainer, great gift! Of course, this test doesn't apply across my list...I don't care much for LEGO Minecraft, however, my seven year old son's head would explode if that arrives under our tree. But, when choosing gifts for all the ladies in my life, I simply choose the gifts that I want for myself.  Some are more extravagant than others, and clearly fall strictly into wants, but I've seemed to have rationalized a least a few as needs!  As in...

I need to take better care of myself, so pretty work out clothes, fab headphones for the treadmill and  a Sound of Music favorite things style copper kettle (you know, for all that Matcha Green Tea I should be drinking) not to mention the chicest of plaid scarves around my neck, to ward off any winter chill.

I need to get more organized, surely this stylish desk calendar and these pretty planners will help do the trick.  Scroll through below to see my full array of wants and needs, and maybe even help me figure out a way to rationalize this Stella McCartney bag!


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