Every new year brings with it that feeling of clean slates, that promise of a fresh start.  Do you make resolutions?  I don't really do anything official, but I do always seem to focus harder on two things each and every January; losing weight and getting organized. Of course there is nothing earth shattering about these fairly common goals, I think the holidays often bring with them so much excess, that it's only natural to want to focus on cleaning up and slimming down once all the new year's confetti has settled.

For me, losing weight is a bit more challenging than getting organized, so I'm starting off the year with that which comes more naturally.  It's my hope that the great sense of achievement that comes with completing organizational projects around the house will boost my motivation into my other (somewhat tougher goal).  I love how an organized closet, desk and pantry feels, almost as much as fitting back into my skinny jeans.

Today, I've chosen some visual inspiration as motivation to tackle clutter and closet chaos.  This top image here is my favorite... I love the idea of re purposing common household items (like magazine/files and paper towel holders) in order to neatly display accessories in the closet, just like the way it's been shown here. And, I'm absolutely stealing this idea of hanging up some necklaces with command hooks! What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized?

Images via: Real Simple; I Heart Organizing; Real Simple and MarthaStewart.com

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