It seems almost impossible that there are less than fifty days until spring.  The frigid temps, the wind chill, the polar vortex...if I never hear these terms again it won't be soon enough!

Between school closings and sick kids, black ice and a broken boiler (last month)... I've really had enough with winter.  Over. It.  Unfortunately, it's not over.

So with a fake it until I make it attitude along with some retail therapy thrown in for good measure, I've decided the cure for the winter blues around here, is obviously spring and summer shoe shopping.  The last time we were down in Florida, I realized that I only had casual flip flops (Tkees and Havaianas) and a few pairs of dressier wedge sandals, but nothing in between.  These super cute Jack Rogers Lauren sandals, are exactly what's needed to bridge the gap in my resort shoe wardrobe.  A twist on the ubiquitous (at least here, in my neck of the woods) Navajo sandal, while still retaining some of the classic Jack Rogers style, I'm ordering up a pair today.  I'm also blasting the heat, wearing ten layers and doing everything in my power not to go out today...wish me luck!

Images via: Jack Rogers


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