Have you been following any of the New York fashion week coverage?  Personally, I really love the people watching and street style aspect that goes along with these events almost more than the fashion shows themselves.  I was actually in the city last week during the first day of fashion week, and had every intention of snapping a few street style favorites, but between the snow, sleet and wind...I quickly abandoned this thought (maybe I'll re-visit this idea again in the fall).

My favorite fashion blog to follow is Song of Style, this should surprise no one since the author, Aimee Song, is an interior designer by trade.  Elle Decor recently featured Aimee's lovely home via a virtual tour that consisted of Aimee's very own Instagrams I always love to see the connection between fashion and interiors, and really can't help but to comment on the connection of a different variety that I'm seeing here...an online version of a real life shelter magazine, showcasing a home via a popular blogger's instagram! Just an observation, no idea what it all means...


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