Powder rooms are the perfect little space to experiment and maybe go a bit crazy...no furniture placement to deal with, and very often not even a window treatment is necessary.  Just some great looking wall paper or dramatic paint and/or tile (and don't forget the ceiling) complete with beautiful lights and a special mirror and you're more than half way there.  

There's some really great inspiration out there in magazines and on Pinterest, which is probably why I'm feeling the itch to re-do our powder room (yet again)...it's already had two incarnations in thirteen years...but I'm thinking it might be time for a third (the charm, right?)  Until I can figure it out, I've featured some of my favorites here today, along with a few easy spring powder room zhushes...

For even more powder room inspiration, check out this post here.

And, for some of my favorite ways to zhush up a bathroom or powder room, check out these finds...


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