Along with some over due home projects and a lot of spring cleaning, once the weather warms up for good around here, I'm thinking about upping my PJ game a bit.  Working from home, at least on the days that I stay at home all day (although rare) I tend to stay in either my pajamas or my work out clothes. Either way, we're talking worn out t-shirts and yoga pants, a cute update is clearly in order. The adorable sleepwear at Plum Pretty Sugar, pretty much sums up all that is spring time fresh for me. I love the blooming patterns on these new arrivals.

The days that I actually get dressed and put on a little makeup always feel a bit more productive, so I'm wondering if starting the day in some fabulous flowery pajamas might have a similar overall effect?  I'm also loving the idea of gifting a set of these adorable PJs or one of these sweet robes (this long one is pretty special too!) to my sister in law, who will be celebrating her very first mothers day this May! Yay!


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