Like most bloggers, I get a lot of pitches in my inbox...9 out of 10 times, nothing really catches my eye, and that's actually an understatement.  However, last week when I got the email about this cool DIY product, I was really impressed...(and I'm not really a DIY girl). The concept behind Devine Prints and Patterns is so simple, it reminds me of something my friends and I did back in the day in college. We all would cover our thrift store furniture with contact shelf liner paper and instantly update any piece that way! (cue my "why didn't I think of that?" moment!)

Sold at Target in several cool colors and patterns, I could see using these bright removable "wallpapers" in dorm rooms, obviously..and for renters and also for kid's rooms...since these tend to change a lot over time (as I'm learning!)  I love all the examples Devine Prints and Patterns  shared here today, and I'm sure you could think of even more...


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