I know a lot of my friends do not feel that dress shopping is as awful as bathing suit shopping, but for me it absolutely ranks right up there. I also know that I sound a bit dramatic about this, but after spending over three hours in a department store this week (with the world's most patient saleslady) only to walk away empty handed, I'm feeling a bit deflated about the whole experience. 

We have roughly four dressy occasions on the calendar already this spring and I really need to get at least two new dresses, but shopping for them is bringing to light all my personal body image issues (not to mention the realization that you can actually see the pounds I put on this winter when I take off my coat!)  So, rather than risk wasting even more time and another dressing room melt down, I've decided to comb my favorite online shops, have all the dresses shipped to me, try them on in my softly lit house, along with my heels (and my spanx) and literally keep calm and little black dress on...

If your body issues are anything like mine, you'll appreciate this round up of "bra friendly", not too short, not too tight and nothing shiny, selection of cocktail dresses I've created below.  I'd love any feedback on some flattering dresses, I'm all about feeling comfortable, since it's really the only way to look great in my book!
Top image via: Caroline Daily


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