I was teaching a friend (that finally joined Instagram this week) how to use hash tags.  In my efforts to explain the various techniques for social media tagging, I decided to show her in real time, and added the hash tag "trad chic" to a photo I had recently taken.  To illustrate my point, I next displayed for her all the other images with the same tag.  It was there and then that I came across the Instagram account of Raji RM and Associates, a New York City interior design firm, that had also described their images as #tradchic!

I remember seeing the work of Raji Radhakrishnan, back in 2012 at the Kips Bay Show House, but hadn't kept up with this designer since.  I love how a simple social media lesson and, what I thought was a random hash tag, led me back to appreciate the very chic and (sometimes traditional) work of this talented lady.


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