Hello! It's Katy Byrne from DBK: Designs By Katy back with another stint of Divine Details. In our first segment, we discussed adding nailheads to furnishings. Did you know you can also customize the piping on your upholstery? Changing the piping to either a complimentary or even contrasting color can add a great pop to your furniture piece.

Piping 1
Piping 3
Piping 4
Piping 5
By adding a contrasting pipe to your upholstery seams, you further emphasize the shape of the piece (like in those great x-base ottomans). Next time you're furniture shopping, add piping (along with nail heads) to your list of things to consider! Don't forget to come visit me over at Designs By Katy.

Images via: Luxe Report, Suite Life Designs, Greg Natale, Amanda Nisbet, Amy Vermillion Interiors


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