It's been ages since I shared any interior updates of my own home.  I tend to Instagram anything new (the above image of my coffee table vignette even made it to the Domaine Home page, that was very cool...who doesn't love that kind of design validation?) Today, I  thought I'd round up all the updates we've made around here in the last few months, in case you missed a few, or you don't follow me on Instagram...I"ll just assume you just don't have an account.:)

With long lead times and booked contractors, it can often feel like we're not getting anything accomplished, but seeing these images all together is a great reminder of all the zhushing (big and small) that's happened around here these past few months.   The new paint and runner in the front foyer (featured below) is probably the most dramatic change (this is what our front stairs used to look like!)

We're almost done with our family room overhaul and my daughter's room...I'll devote a whole post to both of those projects when they're done.  As for the smaller projects around here, there's been a few other updates, and we're waiting on a few more pieces...if you like this type of post, let me know in the comments, and I'll make it more of a regular feature...


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