I came across the quote "Bloom where you're planted." a few weeks ago, and it really resonated with me.  I'm sure there's several different ways to interpret this, but for me, it means appreciate your life as it is, today.

Lately, I've found myself getting caught up in the "my life would be perfect, if I _______" way of thinking. You could fill in the blank with so many thoughts... "My life would be perfect if I lost ten pounds, lived in that house, drove that car, got that job" we've all had those moments where we find ourselves longing for a different situation than the one we're in.

Scrolling through  Instagram and seeing so many beautiful beaches and European cities, it's easy to get caught up in this type of longing.  So I've decided to change up my perspective a bit and make a conscious effort to look for the beauty in my everyday life (on my way to school pick up or an errand, or even my own back yard).  I hope you enjoy these scenic pics of the charming suburban towns in my little neck of the woods, if you like this idea, share something from your own neighborhood and tag me (@zhush) I'd love to see where you're blooming!


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