I've mentioned before, how my inbox is crammed with pitches and product releases for basically, what my Grandmother would've referred to as a whole lot of "dreck" ~ but every once in a while I do run across a gem, which is why I continue to open every single one of them.  Such was the case when I found a link to local artist Rachel Rogers along with this desription:

"Rachel Rogers is a New York-based artist known for her playful bespoke heraldry. A San Francisco native, Rogers attended Parsons School of Design prior to working under the reputable, Rodrigo Corral. Rogers' ink and water-color creations are both whimsical and elegant. Rogers is commissioned to create her signature designs by individuals, designers and brands to bring a customized, intimate and unique approach to crests, stationery, event collateral and heraldry."

Given my penchant for all things monogram and personal, I pretty much flipped for Rachel's work, here are a few of my favorites, check out Rachel's charming site for more information.


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