Hello Zhush Readers! It's Katy Byrne from DBK, back with another stint of Divine Details. One thing most of us desire is a designer looking interior without the designer price tag. How do you do it? Like we've discussed before, it's ALL in the details. Drapery is always a nice way to finish off a room, but why not take it a step further by adding some trim? Applied trim can make a plain, "off the rack" drapery panel look like a custom piece (and you can even do it yourself). Whether it's a Greek key, gross grain ribbon or my current personal favorite: pom pom ~ adding custom trim, really takes it to the next level.

drapery trim 2
drapery trim 3
drapery trim 4
drapery trim 5
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Don't forget, it's all in the details! Thanks, Sue

Images via: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Lori Dennis, Lonny, Design Crisis


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