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I'm feeling that familiar urge to re-stock my make up bag... blame it my quickly fading tan, and the never ending quest for what's new, what works, what's next?

1. The Celestial Powder: just ordered, NEED a highlighter without shimmer, fingers crossed 
 this does the trick! 2. The Perfect Coverup: Essie's fall colors never disappoint, this will be my next pedicure, (it's so pretty in person) 3. Eyelash Curler: Need a new one, and how can you resist the stripes on this pretty number? 4. Ordered this brush (to go with number 1) just seemed like the right thing to do... 5. Clinique Intensive Lip Treatment: For all you lip balm junkies, like myself #cultfavorite 6. Perfectly Marvelous: Perfume inspired by Diana Vreeland?! I haven't smelled this yet, but based on the bottle and the name, I feel like I must!  7. Chanel Les Beiges: Because I'm determined to hold on to that summer glow for as long as I can...


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