Welcome to week four of the one room challenge. (What's the one room challenge? Click here, here and here for everything you've missed so far.) The biggest thing to happen this week is the chevron glass tile back splash. I LOVE how this looks, I would love it more if it there was grout to go with it.  At least there's a grout decision: white...so that's something.

I'm sort of freaking out about how much is left to be done. And not just in this room...but everywhere! So in an effort to calm down and have fun with this project again, I started to think about my favorite part of designing any room...the accessories. More to the point: zhushing. 

Don't you think our pretty white new cabinets would look great with a vignette of blue and white pieces, similar to the ones I spied in Greenwich yesterday? I already own several traditional blue and white jars and vases, and there are also a few pieces in my shop that might work here as well. Plus, this area of the kitchen transitions over to our recently deep blue lacquered butler's panty... so it makes perfect sense.  Now I just need to sort out what I own and figure out what I still need to buy.

Retail therapy...I feel a little bit calmer already.

Here's what's left to do:

1. stain the floors a dark brown.

2. finish the chevron back splash

3. move lights from current home over to new home

4. finish the hardware

5. sink faucet and instant hot water installed

6. two new refrigerators (and all appliances plugged in, cleaned up and running)

7. paint walls

 8. actually move in with our furniture and belongings and accessories!

O.K. forget calm....still freaking. There's a lot that needs to happen.  And it needs to happen NOW!
So, while I go all Veruca on a few contractors, be sure to check out the progress on all the other one room challenge participants!
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 PS: A few more thoughts on zhushing with blue and white ceramic pieces:


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