I've been talking about our move to Connecticut for months and now the big day has finally arrived.  The movers have already started to disassemble our lives here in New York and we hope to be somewhat settled by Friday. In other words, we're in the center of our big move right now.  I don't know what our internet connection will be like these next few days or even if I'll be able to find my computer....

Until these things come together, you can find me over on Instagram under @zhush. I'll continue to post parts of the new house as things slowly come together.  I'm really resisting the urge to publicly whine here...it's a beautiful house and we chose to do this move to eventually make our lives easier.  But I'm not someone that deals well with change and upheaval (not to mention dust and disorder). I've had no less than three mini melt downs today alone.

Each time I post a part of the new house to Instagram I get a little lift from  the "likes" and kind comments. The advice to "remember not to pack the scissors!" was a recent fave during an otherwise altogether stressful week. Thanks for the encouragement and hope to see you all back here tomorrow.

PS: Thanks also for the great feedback on yesterday's kitchen reveal!


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