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Settling in to a new house during the Holiday season absolutely has it's challenges...if we had the chance to do it over, moving during this busy time of year would probably not be our first choice. As I'm quickly learning, with a new house comes a list of new things you'll need.  So, the upside here is taking advantage of all the great "end of year" and Holiday sales going on! Here's (another) round up of the things I've been scouting for our new digs...

1. I can't get enough of these fluffy as a cloud pillows, especially the lumbar ones.

2. Still trying to figure out the best way to style the new kitchen, one item that looks good and makes practical sense: these chic cutting boards.

4. New powder rooms call for new accessories. Finding pretty new pieces for our pretty new bathrooms is my new favorite thing (sad, but true!)

5. Looking for the perfect little settee for my oldest daughter's room, and I think I found it here!


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