I'm usually able to make interior design decisions for our home pretty quickly. I pride myself on this ability to know what I want design wise, no doubt a side benefit of immersing myself in inspiring images both off and online weekly, if not daily...

However, right now I'm a little stuck.  The item that has me second and third guessing my options is the carpet runner for our front stair case (above). At first we considered leaving the stairs alone...but they're quite slippery. There are additional benefits of having carpeted stair runners (aside from aesthetics) safety, warmth, and dirt catching are a few that immediately come to mind.

I absolutely loved the Stark runner that we had on our old front stairs (see below) and thought about repeating that again here (as I did with so many other interior elements of our old house) but the new stairs are much wider and even have a round curved bend where the old ones were a straight shot up and down. So not sure how that will impact the over all look... 

Lauren Muse showed me a really great selection of samples, but the samples are only about a 12" square, not always the easiest to imagine.  From that I narrowed the choices down to these two and then turned to the internet and installation images to get a better sense. It's a big ticket item, so I really want to make sure to get this one right. Here's what it comes down to...

stick with the original?
use this Stark "Beatrice" pattern?
or this Stark "Logo" pattern?

Or, continue to look? Maybe for a diamond pattern like this one (only not a sisal, would need to be wool...) Any and all feedback appreciated! Thanks!

Last three images via: Stark Carpet


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