Soft, fresh, fluffy whitest white towels are sort of an obsession of mine. (This is not the first time I've written about them here). I also know I'm not alone with this obsession, I've talked to a lot of other people about attempting to revive my sorry looking old towels -and I'm pretty sure that Pinterest will back me up on this sentiment as well...

Moving in here to our new home and unpacking our grayish, rough-used to be white towels into our pristine new bathrooms didn't really sit right with me.  But, we had some well water issues and I wasn't about to invest in any new towels until we sorted out the water filtration (as of Monday, it's thankfully been sorted out!) Anyway, I've tried all the vinegar and baking soda tricks and now I'm finally throwing in the proverbial towel on this one.

It's January, a time for fresh starts and white sales!  Today I'm honoring my pure white towel fixation and stocking up on these!  They're on major sale and I can tell you they are the best deal around on soft white towels! Are you obsessed too? Do you have a good laundry tip to share? I'd love to be able to keep these new ones looking and smelling fresh for as long as possible!

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