We're back from a sunny and warm two weeks in Florida.  It was so nice to get away and thaw out from the (never ending) chill and ice of New England- hopefully things will start looking and feeling like spring around here soon!

While we were in Florida, I managed to get a lot accomplished with our vacation home's decor- (which I posted over on Instagram)- I think we're getting close to finishing this project in the next few months.  Always on the look out for beautiful inspiration, I found myself returning to this fabulous penthouse designed by Tobi Fairley again and again.

First spotted over at Rue Magazine, I went right to Tobi's portfolio to see more, and then over to Tobi's Houzz page, where many of the design sources and products used throughout are listed.

Truly inspired by it all, but especially the idea of adding a rolling ladder component to our kitchen, and perhaps a fabulous brass sputnik (obsessed with this one!) somewhere soon as well!


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