When we moved at the end of last year, I saw this as an opportunity to not only do a complete closet purge, but also as a chance to get really organized and stay that way.  Starting every day off with an orderly closet not only makes getting dressed easier and faster, but I also feel a sense of calm each time I step into this tidy little space. There aren't a lot of things any of us can really control in this life, sometimes not even in the rest of my own home, but my closet is my happy respite from the chaos.

Don't get me wrong, I do have those days where I'm running late and trying on several outfits only to realize that I either don't like the way they fit or look, or both...(thank you very much carb fest winter 2015). But, when the mess starts to pile up on the floor, I go right back to the habit I first got into when we were initially unpacking everything during our move... I listen to pod casts (lately this one) or audio books (most recently this one) on my phone to pass the time and take my mind off folding and hanging... and it really does make the whole chore a lot more fun. It might seem like an obvious thing, but for me it's made a big difference in keeping my closet straight (and even color coded). 

As for actual products to help keep things looking neat and clean in my closet, here are a few that I swear by:

 To organize my clutches, I use these budget friendly, wooden pot holders (as seen below).

 To plan out outfits and hold bags I use these awesome brass rods (as seen above).

 Inside drawers I love these trays for holding jewelry and makeup.

 And, finally, I absolutely swear by these hangers (last image below).

Do you have any great closet organizing tricks?

top two images: Nicole Cohen
bottom image via my Instagram


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