Last week we took the family down to Florida for a little get away. In between trips to Universal and a few other fun excursions, we managed to finish up a lot of over due home decor projects. For the most part, this really just involved getting the art that we had previously ordered the last time we were down finally up on all those bare white walls.

I had agonized over what to hang over our gray couch in the living room (seen below) for quite some time. The expansive white wall there is the major focal point of our home's open living plan. I'm so glad that I waited until I found just the right two pieces and didn't rush to fill up the space with any old thing (as I was tempted to do a few times for the sake of just getting it done).  The take away advice here is that it always pays to wait until something really speaks to you.

Now that the walls are no longer bare, the place is really starting to come together and feel like a home.



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